Opt-In Alerts

Students, faculty, and staff who have provided their contact information in TuftsAlert will receive emergency alerts for their primary campus only; however, an increasing number of people spend time on more than one campus and may wish to subscribe to alerts from additional campuses. Additionally, TuftsAlert enrollees have the option to subscribe to notices for weather closings.

To sign up for opt-in alerts and closing notices, log in at emergency.tufts.edu/alertupdate and:

  1. Click the Groups tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Find Groups button just below the Groups tab.
  3. Click on the name of the opt-in group for the campus for which you want alerts.
    • Opt-In Alerts <Campus> for emergency alerts
    • Opt-In Weather Closings <Campus> for weather-related closing notification
  4. Scroll down to Actions and click Join. Look for the green “success” banner to know that you’re signed up.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 to join additional opt-in groups.

Note that you may not receive alerts sent within 6 hours of when you join. The animated example is for weather closing alerts, but the process is the same for emergency alerts.


Some additional important details

  1. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled to receive alerts for their primary campus. This is based on school affiliation for students, campus designation in the Human Resources database for faculty and staff, and department/school affiliation for affiliates. You can check your campus/school affiliation on the Tufts University White Pages.
  2. To receive alerts for a campus or campuses other than your primary campus, you must opt-in to receive alerts.
  3. If you are in a dual degree program between schools on different campuses, it is recommended that you opt-in for alerts for both campuses. Your primary campus may change from semester to semester depending on school enrollment data, but the computer system is unaware of where you physically spend your time, which isn’t always the same as the enrolled school.
  4. Weather closing notices are strictly opt-in and you will receive a text message only if you sign up. Weather closings are communicated via multiple channels.
  5. Weather closing notices may be sent very early in the morning.
  6. Weather closing notices are offered as a beta service, meaning there could be some glitches and delivery isn’t guaranteed.