Hurricane Planning Checklist

The following checklist helps guide university to prepare for the annual Atlantic hurricane season, running June through November.

Task Description Responsibility

Planning Phase – due July 1 each year

Review shelter in place options All
Adequate food/water for several days Dining
Ability to serve meals without power Dining
Trim tree branches Facilities
Check all drainage pumps Facilities
Fuel/Test all generators Facilities
Sewers/Drains in working order Facilities
Check battery powered equipment Facilities/Public Safety
Check battery and flashlight supply Public Safety/Facilities
Number of students in housing during storm Residential Life

Pre-Storm Advance – approximately 72 hours before landfall

Secure loose outdoor furniture  Facilities
Take down outdoor flags Facilities
Monitor Progress of Storm Public Safety
Notify CMT/Plan meetings Public Safety
Test EOC equipment Public Safety
Activate EOC phone lines Public Safety
Alert community of impending storm Public Relations

Pre-Storm Imminent – landfall is within 24-36 hours

Fuel all vehicles All
Prepare construction sites Construction
Deans notice to parents Students Affairs
Verify/Update all utilities phone info Facilities/Public Safety
Allert community of impending storm Public Relations
Update communications to Tufts community Public Relations
Review shelter in place procedures PUblic Safety/Residential Life
Set up Public Safety hotlines Public Safety/Telecommunications
Research laboratory preparation Research community


Check for flooding in basements Facilities
Report damage to utilities Facilities
Check for roof damage Facilities
Check for gas leaks Facilities/Public Safety
Check for exterior building damage Facilities/Public Safety
Communications update to Tufts community
and external media as appropriate
Public Relations
Block off/Mark hazards with barriers Public Safety/Facilities
Determine/Mitigate life safety hazards Public Safety/Facilities
Check for injured students Residential Life/Public Safety
Check for hazardous materials spills Research Community/Public Safety
Assess damage/Notify insurers Risk Management


PDF version for printing: Hurricane Planning Checklist