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The Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP) establishes a training and exercise program that:

  • Ensures personnel receive and maintain training consistent with their current and potential responsibilities;
  • Validates the skills, abilities, and experience of personnel as well as the Program’s plans, procedures, equipment, and facilities;
  • Addresses the range of hazards to which the university is exposed; and
  • Meets internal and external requirements and mandates.

The MYTEP is to document the university’s overall training and exercise program priorities from time of approval through fiscal/school years 2017 and 2018 (June 2018). It is considered to be a living document that can be updated and refined as needed.

Relationship to Other Plans

Diagram showing that the Multiyear Training and Exercise Plan is a high-level (non-operational) document that is subordinate to the Multiyear Strategic Plan.

Priorities for FY2017-FY2019

Stakeholders from the Emergency Management Program Committee helped to shape focus areas for the MYTEP, though these priorities are not exclusive of a variety of other training activities that contribute to preparedness and resilience.

  1. Improve proficiency in the use of response coordination tools such as WebEx and WebEOC, and in the application of a standardized response coordination system, i.e., the National Incident Management System.
  2. Continue to train and prepare for the possibility of a ballistic attack, e.g., an “active shooter”, focusing particularly on the expansion of training to civilians, and looking beyond threat suppression (police tactical response) to include lifesaving and the incorporation of Emergency Medical Services into the response.
  3. Building on sound past practices, strengthen institutional response to student fatality incidents, including suicide, by enhancing postvention and family assistance.