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This document is available in languages other than English using Google Translate. Since the translations are generated by computer, not all translation will be perfect.

The Office of Emergency Management is pleased to announce the availability of a summarized version of the Emergency Response Guide in four non-English languages, to help make safety information more accessible to members of the Tufts community with limited written English proficiency. While many languages are spoken by members of our community, these four languages were selected after speaking with department managers to identify the first languages of those members of the community who may not have proficiency in written English.

Print versions of the summary guides will be available in the near future.

Additionally, pre-scripted text and email messages from TuftsAlert are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole. Community members may log in to TuftsAlert and select their preferred language by clicking the Edit button next to their name. Supervisors should contact the Office of Emergency Management to have an employee’s language preference modified on behalf of the employee, especially for users who do not have a Tufts username and password. Note than non-English alerts are only available for the initial, pre-scripted message in a significant emergency, and subsequent messages will be sent in English only.