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Be among the first to know when a Tufts campus closes due to weather, usually due to snow. Beginning in December 2015 the Office of Emergency Management is offering a text notification when a decision is announced to close a campus. You must already be enrolled in TuftsAlert. This is an opt-in service and you must sign up to receive closing alerts. Some things to consider:

  • This is being offered as a beta service, meaning there could be some glitches and delivery isn’t guaranteed.
  • We’ll send an alert as soon as a decision is announced, which could be very early in the morning (a big reason why this is an opt-in service).
  • You may be asked for feedback from time to time to improve this new service.
  • Closings will still be announced via email and posted to the web, social media, and local TV stations.

To sign up, log in at and:

  1. Click the Groups tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Find Groups button just below the Groups tab.
  3. Click on the name of the opt-in group for the campus for which you want alerts.
  4. Scroll down to Actions and click Join.

Look for the green “success” banner to know that you’re signed up. Note that you may not receive alerts sent within 6 hours of when you join.