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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sheer force of will won’t stave off winter, and yesterday morning we got a little dusting of snow to remind us of what’s coming. Check out some resources to stay safe and productive this winter:

For Everyone


Is Tufts closed today? You can get the official word online, from local TV and radio, and via optional text message (click to learn how to sign up).


Learn about the wintertime dangers of carbon monoxide and extreme cold from a past blog post, Digging Out, Safely, a remnant of the record-setting winter of 2015.

For Faculty and Staff

2/16/10 - Medford/Somerville, Mass. - Snow falls on the Tufts University Medford Campus on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Alonso Nichols/Tufts University Photo

Snow falls on the Tufts University Medford/Somerville Campus on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Alonso Nichols/Tufts University Photo

Continuity Planning

We may not think of a winter storm as a “disaster”, but it can disrupt our organization, impacting teaching, research, patient care, and critical operations. Continuity Planning helps departments to prepare for such interruptions, identifying strategies to sustain or quickly resume critical functions, and protecting often irreplaceable property such as records or research materials. For teaching faculty, Instructional Continuity provides useful tips for using technology to make sure your students don’t miss a beat during a snow day.

Employees in Essential Service Areas

The nature of the university’s activities and the complexity of operations require that certain services be provided at all times. Please speak with your supervisor now to understand if you may be required to report for work even during a university closing, such as a snow day. See pp. 33-34 in the Employee Handbook for details.


In emergency situations – including weather closures – employees may be directed by their supervisor to work remotely. Prepare by reviewing the Telecommuting Guidelines and making sure you are able to access technology to support uninterrupted productivity.