Safety and Risk Reduction Committee


Welcome to the Safety and Risk Reduction Committee webpage. We aim to identify and address safety issues across departments to create a secure university environment.


The Safety and Risk Reduction Committee is crucial in ensuring safety across our university by identifying and collectively implementing solutions for safety issues spanning multiple departments. We advocate for additional resources, collaborate to enhance safety measures, and strive to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Assessing Risks: Evaluating hazards and associated risks.
  • Mitigation Strategies: Developing and implementing appropriate safety measures.
  • Improvement Plans: Addressing safety-related action items from after-action reports.
  • Coordination: Ensuring alignment with overlapping safety plans.
  • Metrics Review: Tracking and reviewing safety performance.
  • Strategy Evaluation: Continuously assessing safety strategies.
  • Collaboration: Coordinating with other university safety committees.

The committee convenes at least ten times yearly and is led by the Associate Director of Quality Improvement and Risk Reduction.


The committee includes representatives holding leadership roles in key safety-related job titles, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive approach to safety concerns. Members include individuals from the following roles:

  • Associate Director of Quality Improvement and Risk Reduction
  • Associate Vice Provost Research Integrity
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Director of Industrial Hygiene
  • Director of Laboratory Safety
  • Director of Risk Management and Insurance
  • Executive Medical Director Occupational Health Services & University Infection Control Health Director
  • Fire Marshal
  • Senior Facilities Director
  • TUPD Police Lieutenant

Members may represent more than one division, department, or office. We also engage other stakeholders (such as legal and human resources) to enhance integration and drive initiatives forward.

Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact:

Vanak Huot

Associate Director of Quality Improvement of Risk Reduction Email: