Opt-In Weather Closing Alerts

Students, faculty, and staff who have provided their contact information in TuftsAlert will receive emergency alerts for all campuses. Additionally, TuftsAlert enrollees have the option to subscribe to notices for weather closings. The weather closing notices are strictly opt-in and you will receive a text message only if you sign up. Weather closings are communicated via multiple channels, and closing notices may be sent very early in the morning. It is encouraged to sign up for weather alerts so you can be aware of any closings or notices on Tufts campuses.

Instructions to opt-in for weather closing alerts

  1. Sign up for weather closing notices
  2. Click the Opt-In Lists tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the subscribe check box on the right to subscribe to weather closing opt-in lists.
  4. Your opt-in subscription is immediately active.

Example of a TuftsAlert screen with options to subscribe

Opt-In screen shot