Civilian Response to Active Shooter Course

This training course is designed to provide tools and techniques on how to react to an active shooter / active threat. This training expands upon information found in the Tufts University Emergency Response Guide. This platform is modeled around the Avoid, Deny, Defend response to an active shooter.

  • Avoid: Trust your instincts and don’t delay. Get away as quickly as possible
  • Deny: If you can’t flee, obstruct or deny the active shooter access to your area
  • Defend: If all else fails…Fight as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger

For questions, please email

The 2024 Spring Semester training dates are:

  • February 13: Medford/Somerville Campus, Alumnae Lounge
  • February 20: Boston Health Sciences Campus, Jaharis Behrakis Auditorium
  • March 5: SMFA Campus, Classroom B311
  • March 12: Grafton Campus, Campus Center Auditorium

To sign up, please register in the Tufts Learning Center.

Once registered in the Tufts Learning Center, sign up for the Civilian Response to Active Shooter class.